Social Media Campaigns

Corkscrew Agency crafts restaurant and bar specific social media campaigns that resonate with customers and build awareness.

Influencer Marketing

Our network of influencers are handpicked to help restaurants and bars convert more customers through social media. We'll turn their robust follower base into new patrons for your business.

Regular Posting

If you've got a formula that works, and you simply don't want to spend time posting content day in and day out, we're more than happy to take over your content calendar and optimize.


Customer Service

When customers reach out on social media, we're here to answer. A cared for customer is likely to come for a bite and talk about it to their friends.

Follower Growth

Corkscrew Agency can organically grow your social media accounts without the use of fake followers. A bigger audience means more people see your messaging and more customers visit your bar or restaurant.

Ad Management

Social media ad management allows us to create and optimize paid ads that will let your restaurant reach new customers and garner valuable ROI when they convert.

"According to a study by Social Media Monthly, 75% of customers have used Facebook to choose a restaurant. Plus, a report by Mashable found that 49% of people search Facebook to find restaurants to visit."

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