Corkscrew Agency boasts a proven track record wen it comes to helping clients with search engine optimization (SEO). While many “experts” promise cheap or fast results, you could be at risk for serious penalties from search engines.



Discover how SEO from Corkscrew Agency helps you make it to the top and stay there:

Corkscrew Agency utilizes multiple link building strategies to safely elevate your search engine rankings. We'll make sure your website gets on the first page for relevant keyword searches.

Corkscrew Agency tailors your content, meta tags and more so your business shows up online for relevant search terms. Paired with our SEO restaurant solution, your Google rankings should skyrocket.

Google and other search engines are actually smart enough to see the difference between well written, relevant content and nonsense filler text. We make sure your messaging is always SEO friendly.

Since about 92% of people use a search engine to find a restaurant near them, you need to be at the top of the list of search results. 67% of all clicks go to the first five search results.

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