Positive PR is extremely important for bars and restaurants. It generates word of mouth, it boosts credibility and visibility and it keeps you in the fight against trendy, new hotspots trying to steal your place in the spotlight. 

Discover how Corkscrew Agency can help with public relations:


We're lucky to have great connections to various reporters and media outlets across Texas, Florida, and the midwest. Through these relationships, Corkscrew Agency works to deliver consistent media coverage for your restaurant or bar. 


Corkscrew Agency has an experienced editorial writer on board that can craft up gripping news articles that keeps you in the media's eye and get customers excited to visit your establishment.


If you're the target of some bad press or even just victim of bad online reviews, Corkscrew Agency can help. We have the tools in place to spin stories, hide reviews and more, so you can get on with business.

Millennials want to hear from "experts." They tend to trust third-party articles and listicles, which means good PR massively impacts this target market's decision making. 

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