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3 Ways Restaurants Can Survive Coronavirus

It’s going to be extremely difficult for many restaurants to survive Coronavirus, or, Covid-19. Smaller establishments could face the harsh reality that their doors will close. Cuts will have to be made, especially to waitstaff, now that most cities are putting an end to dining in. These are dark times, but we want to give you these tips – 3 ways restaurants can survive Coronavirus. We sincerely hope they help.

Offer takeout and delivery (at reduced cost)

We understand that margins are tighter than ever. Perhaps the last this you want to do is lower your prices. But as competitive as the industry is generally, things just exploded.

Not to mention, people everywhere are worried about their jobs too, so saving money weighs heavy on the mind. Those cheaper delivery fees may just help persuade some extra customers to choose you. We know you can’t always control the fees these delivery apps charge, but if you take charge of your own delivery as well, savvy customers will notice.

Partner with nearby restaurants for cost saving opportunities

If you’ve got some restaurant friends, it’s time to come together. Share kitchen space, supplies, etc. This will allow you to save utility cost and more – every penny counts right now. It’s also a good idea to eliminate menu items that are not frequently purchased in order to be able to keep less ingredients in stock.

Invest in marketing and creative promotions

Work from home lunch special and Easter feast delivery are just a couple ideas to get you inspired. Sell gift cards at a discount to give people hope of a world where can dine again without worry. Contact Corkscrew Agency for restaurant marketing (we do bars too, by the way). In these troubled times, we’re offering lower rates than normal for restaurants that sign up before May 1.

Those of us at Corkscrew Agency also want to say that our heart breaks for those that will be without work and those that will have to make tough sacrifices. The truth is, some restaurants can survive coronavirus while some cannot. We wanted to at least provide a list of resources for restaurant staff and people in general.

Please read through the following:

National Restaurant Association Guidance Resource

Foodable Network - Coronavirus Impact

What Trump's Emergency Plan Means for Restaurants

How to Protect Your Restaurants in the Age of Coronavirus

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